Monika Selig hand crafted jewellery Sunshine Coast Queensland

Monika Selig

Monika, a third generation jeweller, is proud to launch her new jewellery range of one-of-a-kind creations, a limited collection, from her workshop on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Her love for jewellery and design has travelled through generations and across continents, as she grew up watching her Austrian grandparents and parents create inspired pieces of breathtaking jewellery in the family business, working many hours and long days to make Selig Jewellers the success it is today.

The ‘mrs’ line by Monika Selig, is a culmination of her lifelong dedication to her craft, and reflects her love of the wilderness and wolves.

Jewellery has always been my life. I want my designs to reflect my family tradition of fine jewellery making but with a style that is uniquely mine
Monika Selig